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CONVINUS Global Mobility Insights NEWSLETTER Herbst / Fall 2022

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«Familiar expertise in a new look - the next generation of our popular CONVINUS newsletter is here! » To take the next steps, we have repackaged our popular newsletter and given it a modern layout. We cannot master the challenges in the Global Mobility sector alone, so we offer our great CONVINUS Global Network partners a special platform here. In each of our newsletters we will introduce you to some of them. The issues that concern you also concern us. For this reason, we are pleased to present the autumn issue 2022, with the following focus: «Remote Work / Digital Nomad / Home Office» • CONVINUS for the perspective from Switzerland • Globalization Partners for a global overview • Artus for the perspective from Austria • Corporate Relocations Greece for the perspective from Greece


TO KNOW THE PEOPLE GET OUR GLOBAL NETWORK BEHIND Guest Lior Ashkenazi Group Director Partners Host Pascal Lowther Key Account Manager Hi Lior, nice to have you as my first interview partner. Let`s start right away! What are the biggest challenges you are facing in your daily business? The main challenge I am facing is to keep all stakeholders I work with satisfied and aligned. It requires from me to find the balance between the needs of the partners, the clients, my team including several internal organizations that might be involved. You speak 6 languages, in which language do you feel most confident? English, Hebrew, Dutch and Turkish How has the pandemic affected the global employment industry? Since the pandemic has started we realised one main ‘new trend’ around remote working. Remote working became a normal way of working and many companies realised that work can be done anytime from anywhere. Next to a proven higher productivity of employees, this flexible way of working results also with a higher employee satisfaction and therefore a win-win. What has been the biggest challenge in your role so far? Working globally requires also adjustment of working hours around other geographies, not sure how much is it a challenge but certainly something to take into account. 26

TO KNOW THE PEOPLE GET OUR GLOBAL NETWORK BEHIND If your job is a colour - what colour would it be? I would say between red and pink. Who would you like to swap a day with in your professional life? Jerry Seinfeld! He has a very positive approach in life. What has been the biggest AHA moment in your role at Globalization Partners? Working 100% remote was an ‘eye-opener’ for me in regards to both, my productivity which is increased and the connections I established with many colleagues spread around the globe, although we are not physically in the same space, there is a great bond. Where do you get the best ideas? When I speed drive on the highways… What advice would you give to your 25-year-old ME from today's perspective? Patience… What would you like to ask me? With the movement of remote work being so popular, what is the impact of the mobility industry? It makes our industry extremely "flexible" and opens up new and even more perspectives to deal with the lack of specialised employees. It has already become the new "normal" - not only personal life is speeding up, but our working life is also increasing in speed. I am really curious to see where the next few years will push us. Lior, thank you so much for your input - enjoy reading our newsletter! 27

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