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Coffee &Consulting: Keep Exploring - Emmi TSM Insights 2022

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Development opportunities 1 Job island Learn every day from new tasks and challenges in your day-to-day work at Emmi. Ex. Job Enlargement, Job enrichment, rotation, project work. 2 Role island Enrich your work with a supplementary role as a trainer, key user, mentor.. 3 Project island Get started! – Expand your Emmi knowledge through project work by going on a hike with the project team (Ex. Project leader or Project member). 4 Culture island Enhance your intercultural skills by collaborating with different people: multinational teams, work abroad, global project work… 5 Programme island Participate in our innovative development programmes: trainees, young professionals, management practice… 6 Training island Building your internal knowledge through courses, workshops, digital trainings, exchange of experiences… 7 Further training island Building your external knowledge through education, conferences, establishing networks, trainings…. 8 Remote island Your history prior to Emmi: your basic training and career before you started at Emmi are also part of your backpack of experience today.

DEVELOPMENT@EMMI Development Programs & International Assignments Apprenticeships (CH) Development program for young professionals International assignments (short- and long-term) Trainee program 15 Keep exploring - Emmi TSM Insights

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