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CONVINUS Global Mobility Alert Week 17.2022

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Ireland / April 28, 2022

Ireland / April 28, 2022 New five-year multiple entry visa The Minister of Justice of Ireland announced the introduction of a five-year multiple entry visa for all travelers to Ireland. Until now, the longest duration of a visa was only 3 years. This is a relief for all Business Travelers as well as foreign workers who will then pursue gainful employment in Ireland. A work permit prior to commencement of employment will still be required for third country nationals. Irland / 28. April 2022 Neus fünfjähriges Mehrfacheinreisevisum Die Justizministerin Irlands kündigte die Einführung eines fünfjährigen Mehrfacheinreisevisums für alle Reisenden nach Irland an. Bis anhin betrug die längste Dauer eines Visums für Irland nur 3 Jahre. Das ist eine Erleichterung für Geschäftsreisende sowie ausländische Arbeitnehmer, die in Irland einer Erwerbstätigkeit nachgehen werden. Für Drittstaatsangehörige ist eine Arbeitsbewilligung vor Aufnahme der Tätigkeit weiterhin erforderlich. 4

April 28, 2022 How old is your assignment policy actually? - If you are one of the few companies that have revised their policy in the last 2 years, i.e. during and after the pandemic, you can safely stop reading at this point. For everyone else, the following text may prove helpful. Global Mobility: New Forms of International Assignments Require New Assignment Policies In a survey conducted by EY, 86% of the respondents said that the family no longer wants to accompany the employee during the international assignment. Is this drastic culture change already reflected in your policy? Or rather not? If so, you are in good company. In our daily practice, we see numerous companies that keep their outdated policies under lock and key, or that have assignment policies that go into great detail about covering foreign school costs, but do not address weekly trips home for the internationally assigned employee. More than half of the respondents also assume that the number of short- and long-term assignments will be (further) reduced and that virtual assignments, extended business trips and "hybrid" assignment solutions will take their place. Hybrid solutions are understood to be regular assignments abroad while spending the rest of the week/ month in the home country. We also see this trend in our consulting practice. Currently, these cases are often solved in individual decisions. Of course, because these cases are rather unique. Nevertheless, it is now time to not only evaluate the benefits in the already existing assignment policy, but to fundamentally question whether the guidelines still reflect the current practice of foreign assignments in your company. A first step here would be to find out which employees actually work abroad on a regular basis. A second step would be to check whether these foreign assignments still fit into the existing policy patterns, or whether fundamentally new structures have to be created for this purpose. This is not magic. With a structured approach, you as a global mobility and HR manager could soon brag that you not only have a great policy, but more importantly, one that fits your employees' international assignments. 5

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