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CONVINUS Global Mobility Insights NEWSLETTER Winter 2022 / 2023

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TO KNOW THE PEOPLE GET OUR GLOBAL NETWORK BEHIND Guest Gabi Hegan Staffing and Recruiting Host Pascal Lowther Key Account Manager Hi Gabi, great to have you as my interview partner. You are working as a recruiter, and you are running a platform for German speaking Expats. What do you do exactly? My main occupation and recently found passion is with YER -USA, an international recruiting agency specializing on helping European companies in the US connect with the best local talents. As Directory German Desk I focus mainly on subsidiaries of German, Swiss and Austrian companies. We help mainly small and midsize companies as well as start-ups navigate the US labour market. This is also interesting for Expats who are being sent to the US and are tasked with building new plants, setting up offices or growing the existing team. In addition to that I’m the founder of an information platform for German speaking Expats in the US which provides answers to (almost) any question that might arise before and during the Expat Journey. From the planning stages until the return home. What are the biggest challenges you are facing in your daily business? In recruiting it’s currently the short supply of qualified personnel, especially for highly specialized manufacturing companies which is the majority of European companies in the US. The US does not have a comparable “Ausbildungssystem” (apprenticeship), therefore, we are often called in to find highly skilled workers in addition to the more senior professional and executive roles we fill. You mentioned you are also founder of the platform “Ich bin Expat – Leben in America” – What was the biggest surprise? 24

I’m still surprised how many questions arise long after the initial relocation phase is over. Most companies are investing a lot of time and resources to plan the relocation and offer support for the first months. But life does not stop there. Our goal is to answer questions and offer solutions as well as a community network throughout the entire expat journey. How has the pandemic affected Global Employment industry? Employers have to come to terms with hybrid and remote positions. Most employees who with desk jobs will consider “working from home” as one of their benefits and a decision factor to take a job or not. Overall, it’s still a candidate’s market, especially for manufacturing and skill labour jobs. Having a qualified consultant of your side definitely helps finding the best local talents. What has been your biggest challenge in your role so far? Explaining to European clients how big this country is, not only geographically, but there are essentially 50 states with unique sets of laws, slight cultural differences, weather, work force and more… It makes a huge difference where to put down roots… If your job was a colour - what colour would it be? Definitely rainbow. I get to do a lot of different things each day and meet a ton of interesting people from all kinds of industries and personal backgrounds. What has been the biggest AHA moment in your role at YER? This shouldn’t really be too surprising, but I’m still amazed how fast the candidate market moves in the US. If you are serious about hiring it’s important to be prepared and have “all the ducks in a row“in order to make an offer to the right candidate. Notice periods are much shorter and once people decide to make a career change, they are ready to go… Where do you get the best ideas? Definitely in the shower. If it was possible, I should take pen and paper with me… or install and Alexa or Siri in the bathroom. What advice would you give to your 25-year-old ME from today's perspective? Relationships are everything. You never know whom you meet and which door someone can open. If you have a good idea, be brave and ask for help, mentorship, advice, investment. Most people genuinely want to help if they can. Gabi, thank you so much for your input - enjoy reading our newsletter! 25

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